Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bit's of this week.

Getting ready for church.

Reading another cat book with Steve. 

What a package from Nana!! Hooray!

Hailey loves to get mail and leave things in the mailbox for the mailman, that sometimes I forget to take out before he comes. 

Foam stickers and much fun.

Now if they could only do this all day long. 

I predict trouble is on the way. Just because you are a adult, doesn't guarantee you will act like one.

First warning from Hailey,  "Do not spray the hose in the house and make mom mad!"

Hailey had to put Steve in timeout for spraying water in her eyes, spraying mom's hair after it got blow dried, and spraying the hose at the windows when the windows were obviously open! Seriously,  what would I do without Hailey! Evan's job is to keep track of the timer. 

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