Friday, October 11, 2013

Leaving Town

We wanted to go visit the apple orchards this weekend. We knew the drive up and back would be overkill in one day so we decided to get a hotel that was half way there and go overnight.  It should have taken us an hour and 16 minutes to get to the hotel; instead with traffic, it took 3.

After Evan hit his breaking point and threw up all over the car we got off the backed-up freeway and found a park to take a break in. Hailey was convinced there was a bear cave behind this bridge.

Using a rope someone left behind to climb up the hill.

This park had lots of beautiful trees all around.

Hold on!

Behind the park there was a creek, small waterfall, and lots of nature trail paths.

There were so many interesting trees... we felt like we were in a mini forest.

I wanted Hailey to climb in this but she was scared of all the spider webs inside.

At last we made it to the hotel.

We picked up some pizza for dinner.

There was plenty of jumping on the beds.

Headed down to the pool for swimming.

Too bad the indoor pool was not heated and cold.

Steve and the kids didn't seem to mind it though.

A warm bath was much nicer.

Then we watched a movie.

Finally they dropped off to sleep.

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