Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Aquarium, Christmas Tree, and Crafts

Last Saturday we visited the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium.

Look what I caught!

Not sure which fish to watch....

She was pretty fascinated using the magnifying glass.

So comfortable and sleepy.

Had to get a tree as soon as they were available at Home Depot.
The kids wore their Christmas outfits to church on Sunday.
Evan's first Christmas ornament.

Every year my mom buys all the children and grandchildren an ornament... this one is Hailey's. Some of our other favorites that we look forward to getting out:
Steve's mom made these snowflakes for us.

Got to have a little tree made of olive wood from Jerusalem.

A small nativity scene.
 One year my mom got me a set of 5 little snowmen all playing different instruments. So Cute!

A souvenir from a trip to Nauvoo.

A little wood man all the way from Germany.

One I have had since I was little... my sister Lauren has the same one in pink. I always thought hers was better looking.

Scriptures from Steve's mission.
If you pull the string his wings flap.... Hailey thinks this is fun.

 We now have a small collection of pretty wedgewood ornaments courtesy of my mother.

 This we brought home from the Ugly Ornament Party we attend each year.

Haileys' first ornament.
A while ago I got Hailey this cool box. It is full of 16 little crafts that are already pre-packaged and ready to pull out in a dull moment.

 It is so conveinent to not have to think up little crafts for her to do on my own.

We are decorating a chicken.

Evan had his share of fun too.
We have entered a magor drooling stage.

(Note to Father) This is the look you might get if you wake the sleeping baby to get his daily picture.

This is the look you get when Evan is awake and ready to have his picture taken.

This is what was left to go to Goodwill after cleaning out the kitchen drawers. Mind you I still have 3 large canisters, a drawer full of utensils, and had about 15 new utensils that are going to a wedding shower this week. Ridiculous... I know.