Sunday, November 11, 2012

Feed Me a Taco

She just wants to share... and he loves to open his mouth like a little bird.

Evan thinks Sunday is the best day of the week.

Can't quite stay sitting up yet. Maybe tommorrow.

Look..she still likes him! He is better than a new toy.

We decided to make our own taco shells. Microwave them till they are warm, spray them with cooking spray, throw them in the oven. Don't forget about them (like we did and burned the whole first batch).

We read about doing this here.

Easy, cheaper than dirt, and tasty.

Too bad that jaw breaker sucker doesn't fit in your mouth. Too bad that sucker belongs to Clarice and not you. Too bad when Clarice sees you with that....she is going to want it back!

Oh Hailey, why are you burying that dog with dolls?

Now if this only happened when I felt like taking a nap.

Made peanut butter fudge with honey instead of regular sugar.  This pan lasted 2 days. Recipe here.

Went to see my sister get her academic jacket. I didn't want to sit with the kids for 2 hours so we showed up at the end of the program when it was Gillian's turn.

Except when we got there we had already missed Gillian's turn.

And when we walked in Hailey was yelling out Gillian's name super loud. Glad we could slip in quitely!

And this one... I never get tired of that smile. (And no, my kids aren't happy all the time.... if you could only hear all the crying that goes on in one day).