Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day Before Thanksgiving

It's supposed to be a cookie mustache.

Playing with cookie dough is an upgrade from playdoh because she can steal a few bites.

So excited!

 Some of those cookies never got frosted.... but the frosting seemed to still disappear.

We picked apples off our tree to share with my mom. My mom's favorite thing to make at Thanksgiving is cranberry sauce.... and it is quite delicious!

Next year we will teach Hailey to make it. She can help stir the pot, throw in the cinnamon sticks and tiny oranges at the end.

It's funny that there are a lot of things that I do becuase that is the way my mom did things. Those things are important to me and remind me of  my mom. I always put cinnamon on fruit salad because that is what my mom does. I was wrapping the kids' Christmas books and I had to write their names and little messages to each of them on the inside cover because that is what my mom does. And hopefully someday Hailey and Evan will use the same recipe and make cranberry sauce with their own children.

I told Evan if he could untangle this apple peel he could stay up and play with his toys a little longer.