Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lots of Smiles

I love the changing colors on the liquid amber trees in my parents' yard. Hailey and I are going to press a bunch of leaves just for fun.

He was quite happy to watch me wash the dishes the other night.

Don't you love the cute double chin and happy grin?

She wanted to pick an apple off our tree and was particular about which one she wanted.

Thrilled to be outside.

My sister called and said they were coming over with a surprise.

The surprise was a little puppy my sister Gillian is house-sitting.

His name is Vader.

Hailey loves animals. Hailey and Evan both seem to have allergies, and have both had allergic reactions to things. The pediatrician won't test them until they are older, but with my history of bad animal allergies we try to be careful. Even though Vader is hypoallergenic the kids still had to get scrubbed down afterwards.

Who is more excited?

I can't get over how smiley he is sometimes.

She found crayons at my parents' house and decided to carry them around in her sweater funny.