Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Day

Steve wanted to get out the fancy china for breaksfast and that was fun.
Then we headed up to Santa Clarita to see the family.
We had a great time -- so nice we forgot about the camera and only have 3 pictures.

Playing outside before the feast.

He likes the carpet... something we don't have at home.
Steve's mom made a really cool jar that we could write things we were thankful for, and  the little kids could draw pictures instead. Since we didn't get the camera out I don't actually have any pictures of her jar. But there are directions on how to make on here: 
Steve's parents got us this terrific little basket from a Young Women fundraiser in their ward.

I love these kind of gifts! I wish I had a pantry full of these.  Soup, Bread and cookie mix.