Monday, November 5, 2012

Another Day

We had a contest to see who could build a higher tower.
That turned into flying blocks.

I am convinced she was a ballerina in the pre-existence.

Wondering what she should do next. . .
 Why does she crawl around meowing and purring like a cat? (This happens quite often)

Today we made mini cupcakes. One dish to take to the birthday people at my parents' house. One  dish for Steve who wasn't going to get any birthday cupcakes beccause he had to work late into the night.
And we still had 3 plates left to share with the neighbors we like.
Too bad they never fall alseep at the same time.

Instead of cleaning up that massive pile of food under my dining room table, or cleaning that giant mess in my kitchen, or finishing that load of laundry I started 8 hours ago, or picking up one of the gazillion toys all over the floor in every room of this house I played jump out from under the chair until Evan tired of laughing his head off. Totally worth it.

His hair's fuzzy like a little chick.

Hailey thought it was her birthday and kept trying to blow out the candles.