Sunday, December 2, 2012

Making a Gingerbread House

  What happens if you eat too much fruit.

 Our little "elf  on the shelf"came back  this year to watch Hailey and remind her to be good.

Every day he hides in a new spot and, after Hailey finds him, she gets a treat from the advent calendar. After Christmas Eve he will retrun to the North Pole.

We let her decorate her own little gingerbread house.

Just having a sample taste...

She had plenty of fun.
There was the perfect amount of candy to go around.

Hailey and her decorating skills.

Evan was content to just sit and watch.

He knows he gets his own house next year.
Hailey likes to try to make Evan laugh.

She is pretty good at it.
Glad they're little buddies.