Saturday, November 10, 2012

How to throw a wild party when your parents are out of town

Tired of being the bishop?  It's ok. Just run away. Actually my dad is in Monterey while he takes some continuing ed classes to keep up his optometry license.  Then he gets a few days of fun with my mom. Yesterday they went kayaking. Today they are off to the aquarium. We are watching my sisters and the puppies in the meantime. 

  We thought we should have a party.

 Must get ready for our special mystery guests to arrive. . .
There are a lot of people living in this world. Some are smart and some sure aren't. Ever notice that some of those not-so-smart people think they look so cool when they are doing not-so-smart activities? Yep, the joke's on them. Remember how someone thought it would be cool to recycle their fermented fruit into drinks? Sorry to burst your bubble... it's never been cool to drink moldy fruit. It's not cool to be a boozer. I personally know too many people who have destroyed their lives and their families' lives by drinking.  Don't be the weak link. Be smart don't drink!

I recently was talking to Hailey about how we don't eat trash or things that are not good for our bodies. Just because something is in a pretty bottle doesn't mean it's good for you. And if something smells bad... that should be your first clue... don't put it in your mouth!

For dinner we had mashed potato meat loaf muffins.

We also had green bean casserole and stuffing.

Looky looky: our guests of honor, the life of the party showed up! The best part is that becuase the missionaries have a curfew you know that they can't stay late. Win win situation.

Even Evan got a tiny bite of mashed potatoes... actually several bites... even though he is not supposed to be eating people food yet.

10:00 p.m. = bedtime for the night owls.