Thursday, April 2, 2020

Happy 4th Birthday

James turned 4 years old today and you know what that means...

Birthday donuts!

Such a nice day outside.

Meanwhile, Aubrey was inside snoozing away.

James' first present was outside at the sandbox.

Ooh! His own construction crane.

Happy birthday, buddy!

Just don't whack Luke with the crane.

James will open the rest of his presents tonight when we have dinner with the Ashcrafts, but we wanted him to have some presents to play with during the day.

Next present: a dozen fossil eggs.

First attempt using the included chisel-brush tool. 

Lilian wanted to come over and do it too.

And there's the little toy dinosaur inside.

There's got to be a faster way...

Lilian is using the water soak method.

Next attempt: smash the softened egg against the table.

Pretty messy but effective.

And the final attempt: smash them with a hammer.


Aw, look who's awake!

James has a cake from the Westchester bakery.

He's ready to get this party started.

After our pancake and waffle dinner it was finally time to open the rest of his presents.

A memory matching game with Marvel superheroes.

So excited to get a package of mints from Grandma. He loves those.

Giant crayons from Greg and Annie and the cousins.

A new book.

Ant Man Legos.

A firetruck.

Evan is jealous of James' Bakugan.

James' favorite kinds of toys are construction, firefighter, and police.

To end the day, the boys did some Lego building before bedtime.