Sunday, April 26, 2020

Life in Lockdown

Taking a turn in the hammock.

Ready for your first outing, Aubrey?

The South Coast Botanic Garden is open (albeit with masks, social distancing, and some things closed off).

Nice to get out of the house and walk through the gardens.

The whole mask-wearing thing is new to us all. Jeni is wearing a homemade one her sisters sewed.

And, of course, the masks are one-size fits all so these disposable ones Harold got for his office are huge on the kids, but it's good enough.  It's not like we're around other people out here.

It's been real nice outside, so the kids have spent some time in the sun when on break from class.


Out for a bike ride and stopping to check out the local books around the neighborhood.

So cute in their matching outfits.

The sandbox is a favorite spot for these boys.

Aw! So happy!

James' matching game has been a frequent favorite.