Sunday, April 12, 2020

Easter 2020

Aubrey is ready for Easter!

Getting our plastic eggs out of the garage yesterday and ready for today's Easter egg hunt.

Time to bring out our special Peter Rabbit dishes.

This is James folding his arms for the prayer.

Dying some hard boiled eggs.

Trying the Clarice method of hair curling.

Good work, everybody.

Even Papa joins in on the fun.

Getting our special Easter baskets ready last night for the kids.

And this morning they were up and diving into their Easter candy.

The boys have been into Bakugan lately.

And the new Lego Dots for Hailey.


Our sweet little Aubrey gets the golden egg.

Getting dressed to head over to the Ashcraft's for some Easter fun.

And Aubrey gets her own bunny stuffy.

What's this? More Easter baskets at Grandma's?

Thanks Easter Bunny Gillian!

Easter baskets for the adults.

Here's ours.

Cousin Luke is all dressed up for Easter.

All tuckered out.

The kids planted jelly beans yesterday and found peeps growing.

Fun bouncy balls for the kids.

Aubrey just sleeps through it all.

But the kids are ready for their Easter egg hunt.

Some of the eggs were pretty tricky.

So fun!