Saturday, June 9, 2018

Swim Lessons

Today Steve went with Hailey and Evan to swim lessons.

Last week was awful. No instructor showed up for 3 of their lessons.

I was pretty upset. It's a hassle to get the kids ready and bring them to the pool and make them wait for their instructor before they can get in the water.

So, we waited and waited and no one came. I had to go ask around and find out no one was coming.

Evan and Hailey were upset. They asked if their no-show instructor was going to get fired. And the lady in charge was out of town, so all I could do was leave messages.

Like I said. Last week was awful.

So we re-scheduled all those missing swim lessons to this week. It's been pretty busy.

So while I had Cub Scouts, Steve took the kids to 2 lessons today.

They had a small break in between lessons and made a friend.

Then they were back in the water.

It's good to see them getting better with all this practice. We leave for Virginia on Wednesday and I'm nervous about them around the pool.