Monday, June 18, 2018

Colonial Williamsburg

Visiting Colonial Williamsburg.

James wanted to check out the cotton.

Learning about fabrics at the weaver's.

James seemed a little nervous about the horse.

Show mommy how much you love soap!

The James Geddy house.

Watching silverware and other metals get made.  Here she pours the hot, liquid metal into a mold.

Then the rough edges are filed down and smoothed out.

Playing some patriot games like miniature bowling.

Exploring a maze.

Figuring out the seesaw.

James loves animals; he found the chickens right away.

Trying to figure out how this game is played.

A lady showed us how to play: it's basically catch using 2 sticks to throw and catch the hoop.

Demonstrating the proper technique for throwing the hoop.

Watching a performance at the Capitol.  It was quite good.

The others went back to the resort so we split off to continue exploring.

We ate a delicious lunch at the King's Arms Tavern.

Hard at work at the wigmaker.

I'm glad we don't shave our heads and wear wigs anymore!

Loving the old mossy rooftops.

Visiting the silversmith.

And the blacksmith.

At the printer's.

Hanging up the newspapers to dry.

Getting the cannon ready to fire.

Here comes the marching band.