Sunday, June 17, 2018

Playing Around

Our family went to the local ward for Church, as did Greg's family.  The others stayed at the resort or went back to Busch Gardens.

We let our kids know that they were going to Primary even if their cousins left after Sacrament meeting.  Greg would come back to pick us up after Church was over.

On our way down the hall to Primary both Evan and Hailey erupted into tantrums.  Finally we had to call Greg to come pick us up.

Oh, you guys wanted to watch movies and play Minecraft?  Too bad.  You kids are grounded from all electronics for misbehaving.

After some time-out we went to the playground.

Just hanging around.

It's hot and humid but nice to get outside all the same.

It's so cute to see James and Allen play together.

Big bubbles on the balcony.