Thursday, June 21, 2018

Not Feeling Well

Allen was the first to get sick and head off to the hospital earlier in the week.  Then Jason fell ill and was in bed for a couple days.

Hailey got sick the day after Colonial Williamsburg.  She really wanted to go swimming but threw up all over the place before we got there.  Dad's health has been going downhill since Go Ape on Saturday.  And he tried walking back to the resort from Colonial Williamsburg all by himself.  Just yesterday he sent out a message looking for someone to "[take him] for a car ride."  That's Dude speak for "can someone drive me to the Emergency Room?"

Evan woke up not feeling well and was sick for the whole journey back home to Los Angeles.  Poor guy.

Fair to say there were ups and downs but it was nice seeing everyone and spending the week together.  It's so beautiful out in Virginia and the resort was so nice!