Monday, November 17, 2014

Tea Party

The kids have been begging for a tea party with apple juice.

Little French Macaroons.

Heart shaped peanut butter sandwiches, with berries & cream

Hailey taking a bite out of her first macaroon.

Wait for it......

Swallow it... ewww... not liking it!

"Mom this is gross; this is not a cookie."

"Evan I have a cookie for you."


It's crazy 15 minutes ago I almost got hit in the head with a Lego horse.... and now the good manners come out.

Got to take the plate with you right?

Hooray... no spills!

"Yuck!" And he put it back on the serving tray.

Didn't like this one either.

He managed to take a bite out of each flavor and didn't like any of them. Fortunately I had a stash of white chocolate cookies that made it out.