Saturday, November 15, 2014

Car Crash in the Front Yard

We heard some sort of crash in the middle of the night, around 3am - enough to feel the house shake.  Steve jumped out of bed to check on Hailey, thinking maybe she fell out of bed; but no, she had climbed into our bed again and was fast asleep.

The rest of the house looked fine; nothing fallen.  Steve didn't see anything outside either so we all went back to sleep.

 Turns out a car had crashed into the house, then sped off before anyone could see.

The car crashed right into our brick wall, tossing bricks about.

Our apple tree got knocked over into our front porch.

We have a lot of bruised apples now.
We pushed the tree back up; it looks so skinny now with two big branches broken off.

Thankfully we're all okay and the damage is pretty minor after all.  There's a mark where the car struck the corner of the house but only some stucco was knocked off.

We called the police to write up an incident report but there's really nothing else to do (except clean up the mess and fix the brick wall).

Oh, and the guy threw up on the grass.  He was probably coming from the bar nearby.