Sunday, November 9, 2014

Hanging Around

Fighting over a worm.

Washing worm germs off.

She knows when she is in trouble.

Steve wanted to get  Evan some action figures for Christmas. Most people just go to the toy store and buy something.  We have been to the toy store three times to check toys in general out. You don't even want to know how many action figures we looked at online or reviews we have read. Steve is a person who cares about details; that is the very reason he is good at his job at work. I feel like I have now completed and passed the test on how to pick good action figure toys.  Not all Batman toys are created equal and if you're going to buy one you may as well get a good-looking one. Some figures have big crotches and too skinny legs, terrible body proportions, no defined facial features, joints that don't move or rotate, and pecs bigger than any man should have. Not like our two year old cares beans about it. Now that Steve has pointed several things out I notice them all the time. There are lots of good quality toys out there; sometimes you have to look a little harder to find them (without paying out the wazoo).

Steve and I were having one of those lovely conversations about sizes; 4 inch vs. 6 inch figures and he went out to the garage and brought in his box full of childhood and high school toys to demonstrate why size matters.

A box full of Pokemon, Gameboys, guns & weapons, & lots of Star Wars stuff. Evan was thrilled.