Thursday, May 15, 2014

Time Out is No Fun

Sitting in timeout. My kids fight all the time... every day.... over Legos and blocks. The kids aren't allowed to play with Steve's Legos unless he is home supervising them. Hailey has one bucket of pink Legos and whenever she wants to play with them so does Evan. She can't even hide under a blanket and play with them because Evan's Lego radar (mini Steve here) comes out and he is on her like glue. Good thing Evan has a birthday coming up in July. Yes, the long awaited time has come. We are going to start the Lego Duplo collection. That will solve that problem.

The block dilemma... what to do? We just have a small stash of mismatched blocks and both kids want them to build with... So, for my sake not the kids.... for some peace and quiet I am just going to buy some more blocks. Steve thinks I should wait until Evan's birthday in July. It sounds like a good plan until I remember that I have to listen to the squabbling every day and my ears can only take so much. Rather than listen to the the kids fight, and spend lots of time in timeout crying, it seems like we would be better off buying blocks and splitting those two up. This month's money is already accounted for so June 1st is block buying day. I can hardly wait.

She loves doing workbook activities.

Coloring and brushing his teeth... such a multi-tasker.

Nana got him the little airport a long time ago and he loves the ramp.

Outside eating home-made granola.

He is in the beginning phase of potty training. Believe me he is way more excited about it than I am. Sometimes he just want to sit on his little potty forever and refuses to come off.

Out for a stroll.

"This way."

Off we go.

Cucumber plants we planted in my parents' yard.

Oh look Hailey is hiding in the corn.


These are just a few of the many things we planted.


Ashcrafts always have lots and lots of tomatoes.




My little helper.

Everyone needs a lime popsicle by the end of the afternoon.