Sunday, May 4, 2014

Hotter than the Sun

The kids love love love to go outside and paint.

Made zucchini boats for dinner. 

My hydrangeas are finally starting to bloom.... only to be picked by my kids moments later.

Third morning out painting.... see I told you they love it.

Our weather has been seriously messed up. It has been in the nineties. Normally we get a hot week or two in Aug/ Sept.... never in May. It roasted and killed my grapefruit tree. So tragic. Clothes are now optional. We have stopped cooking and are living off cold fruit/veggies dips, salads, wraps and homemade popsicles. It's so stinking hot we even unplugged the toaster.

We have been making popsicles with pureed fruit, yogurt and juice.

Evan and I were playing while Hailey was taking a nap. I am a very fun playmate.

He loves to build towers and knock them over. He never gets tired of this.

Life is more fun with a basket on your head, right?