Monday, March 17, 2014

St Patricks Day Visitor

When we got married Steve and I couldn't agree on paint colors. How could we get married if we couldn't agree on paint? We couldn't agree on baby furniture two years before Hailey was born... who knew Steve was so opinionated? Hailey is lucky she was born... thanks to my ability to compromise.  I made a leprechaun trail for the kids to find the morning of St Patrick's Day. It didn't meet Steve's standards. (I thought it was awesome.) I got a whole lesson from Steve on what constitutes a good quality trail... so many things to consider. I watched Steve rearrange the trail several times before it would look the way a real leprechaun would leave it. I told him Hailey and Evan wouldn't care.... they weren't going to be thinking about whether the leprechaun was in a rush or not. Sometimes I forget that Steve's work is intensely focused on details.... that is why he is good at his job. There is no off switch in his brain. I wonder, do other people get into heated conversations about the trails leprechauns leave at their houses? Probably not.... I guess it's just us.

He even left a little note.

Looks like he left a gift.

Hailey stumbled out of bed and suddenly perked up when she saw what the leprechaun had left her.

Turns our my kids only want to eat the marshmallows. Lucky thing for me that lucky charms only find their way into our house once a year.

Kale Smoothie for Mom.

The next day they ate the lollipops the leprechaun left them.

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