Friday, March 7, 2014

Devotions Book

We make it a habit to take our blankets outside everyday and relax.  We try to guess what animals and objects the clouds look like. We read. We play. The kids love it....  and I love it when they peacefully drift off to sleep in their own little worlds.

This is a relatively new book in our house. Hailey keeps telling me this book is "really cool". She can identify with the characters in it. The language is very simple and easy to understand.  We always feel   more kind to each other after reading this.  We look forward to getting this book out everyday. 

There is a simple message/story that goes along with the theme. At the bottom there is a scripture, or part of one and a little prayer. Everyday for the year has a page marked with a date  like "March 8". This takes us less than 3 minutes to do.... and it is no work on my part. Win-Win Situation!