Sunday, March 9, 2014

Look who's moved in! (Magical Fairies)

We have heard all sorts of strange sounds at night recently. We are so glad to find out they were fairies and not mice! Apparently the fairies know gnomes, leprechauns, and other magical creatures so it is unknown to us who will make unexpected visits.

I had to remind the kids that we must never try to open the door. Magical beings like to leave little notes and treats, but only if it is a surprise. If we were to spy on them they might get scared and not come back.

They even left a mailbox so we can leave little letters and treats for them too. They also left some little crystal beads, a few buttons and a little pocket change. Those are fairy treasures.

The fairies must have been in a hurry because they forgot to clean up their footprints....Hailey was delighted to find "tracks".

The mailbox says it is open 7 days a week.

The fairies left Hailey and Evan a little note. They claim they work for Heavenly Father.... how convenient. They are very very busy, but say they will try to visit us soon.

They even left a gift!

Such thoughtful fairies.

Just had Dad read their tiny tiny letter.

So exciting and fun!