Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Madison is in town

My sister Lauren and her family are in town for the week. Hailey and Evan are thrilled to play with their cousin Madison that we hardley see. She is just a few months younger than Evan.

Madison really loves to squinch up her face and smile for the camera.

Playing in Grandma's backyard.

Help! I am stuck!

Evan is outnumbered.... he doesn't get a house.

Why do little children love wagons so much?

Madison sporting her signature camera smile! So Cute!

All children love hoses right?

I told Madison to run away.... but Evan got to her first.

Back home we finally got out new Sonlight Box. A whole year of Bible-based preschool curriculum. We used Sonlight's previous kit Fiction, Fairy Tales and Fun for little learners kit and loved it! Our new kit covers world culture, reading & launguage arts, science, Bible study, readiness skills and art. I also ordered some extra stuff from the kindergarten kit. Can't wait to get started.

33 pounds of new books.... Oh I love the smell of books!

The theme for this year is Exploring God's World. The instruction manual is super organized so I don't have to do any planning. I love that each week has a scripture theme and verse to memorize and talk about. I really like using things (manuals) like this and if I had to come up with my own ideas, I would never get anywhere. What a time saver.

Investigating a box of surprises.

Madison is just like my kids... she wants to spend all her time outside.... can you blame her!