Saturday, February 15, 2014

Choo Choo!!

Today we spend most of the day at the the Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris, Ca. Visiting the museum and seeing all the trains were free...yea! We did pay for tickets to ride the Steam train and trolleys for the day. 


Evan was alseep when we arrived so we let him sleep in the stroller. When he woke he was thrilled to see  so many real trains. 

He was all smiles the whole day. 

She was so relaxed she went to sleep on the first ride. 

Checking out trains owed by Disney animators.

Another ride...another sleepy child....means it is time to leave.

Steve found this awesome park with a lake close to our hotel. 

Just finished chasing the ducks.

It's a long jump!

Maybe it was just the area we were in,  but at the park most of the parents were covered in multiple know all of their neck... face...ect.  In graduate school I spent a semester in my research class assigned to  a  project about peoples perceptions &  treatment towards people with tattoos. Even at a super liberal school....I was surprised  at what a negative stereotype tattoo's carried. Cover it up if you want a real job.  They call it tramp stamp for a reason.  I can't imagine what would posses anyone to tattoo "White Girl" on their back.