Thursday, February 6, 2014

Keeping busy while it rains.

Making a pine cone bird feeder.

Peanut Butter on the pine cone, then roll it in birdseed.

He sure loves watching the trash man. 

Hailey is very opinionated and doesn't want to wear matching socks or shoes.

We have been reading lot's of stories about spring.

Hailey always wants to buy flowers at the store. She picked these out.

I chopped my hair off. 

I love how right after it's cut the guy blow drying it proceeds to tell me all the reasons why shorter hair ends up being more high maintenance. Meh. At least it's just hair and it will grow out.

We woke up to find it raining outside. I let the kids ride their bike in the house.

Just as the kids were getting bored from staying inside we magically got a package. . . 

of 33 new Litter Critter books. Yea! What would we do without ebay?

I really like that Evan will sit through these stories.

The kids also like to look  for the little mouse that hides on every page.

Then the rain let up long enough to go outside.

Hailey was mad Evan dumped out some of of the veggie straws. 

And then it started to rain again. 

Hailey, just like her dad doesn't like to wear a coat.

No coat. . . no playing outside.

I know I should have let her stay outside because while I was folding laundry she taught Evan how to scale the side of the bunk bed (with help).

They are only allowed to go on the ladder when I am in there supervising because they like to jump off the top bed, and if  I weren't there to catch them it would be bad news. 

And so you see, it doesn't take long to get  into mischief. I think I will have to hire a maid to fold the laundry so I can actually watch my kids and try to keep them alive.