Friday, February 14, 2014

Pennypickle's Children Museum

Steve had the day off so we headed to Temecula for the weekend.  This was a great childrens museum. It is set up like a house that was designed by an inventor. All the rooms have all sort of crazy inventions and experiments. Everything in this museum is made to be touched.....perfect for little kids.  Admission was 5$ cheap.

Special spy door.

Sewing machine made that uses records.

Spining on the seat makes a wall full of gears turn.

Marble run made with unusual tools. 

Hidden in a cuboard....tiny people live in here...see the stairs.

Rocket wings to help you fly.

Checking out the drums.

When you play the piano keys instead of playing the piano ...they are hooked up to other instruments. Fun!

Playing with graham cracker stackers in the kitchen.

Looking at all the colorful lights.

Building with magnets.

Crawling through the fireplace to get into the next room.

This room has a special crawl space that went into a black light maze room.

Testing out a air balloon.

Evan loves loves bugs. He is constantly finding bugs at home. He has brought me several spiders and pinchers bugs he has found outside. I don't like the bugs he brings me. 

Step on the pedal and blow the globe ball up in the air. 

A box full of latches...he really liked this.

Making the cake slide

This was an earthquake with blocks, push the button to turn on the earthquake, and watch your creation shake until it falls apart. 

In the library room.

Doing a skeleton puzzle.

He liked that the lights changed colors every 5 seconds or so.