Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Evan My Little Piranha

Teething with Hailey was miserable for everyone. I have never heard so much crying before in my life. We tried teething tablets, toys, Tylenol, rags and toys in the freezer... I always know when Evan's mouth hurts because he wants to nurse and continuously bite. Won't touch a pacifier for anything.

Baltic Amber teething necklaces were something I just came upon by chance. They are a traditional European remedy for natural healing and discomfort. Amber is a fossilized resin, not a stone.

Amber is a a natural analgesic. Some things amber does is boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, stimulate the thyroid to reduce drooling, working as a natural pain killer, and it has been used to treat discomfort linked to throat, stomach, and ear infections as well as fevers and colds. It is said it can even help with eczema, growing pains and arthritis.

Amber is worn close to the skin. As it warms up it releases its therapeutic oil properties (succinic acid) into the body. On children's necklaces each bead has a double knot on each side; in case the necklace breaks only one bead will come off. The beads are not toxic should one accidentally get swallowed.

I don't think by any means this is a cure all, though I have read about lots of parents who swear by them. If a $20 necklace means Evan might cry less, bite less, and be more comfortable when his teeth come I am willing to try it. I am getting one for Hailey too because I cannot get her to take a multi-vitamin. (We have tried them all: gummy vites, liquid vitamins, chew vitamins, sucker vitamins... she's difficult sometimes.) As always, I recommend people read about it and investigate themselves before trying it.