Saturday, February 23, 2013

Family Party for Hailey's Birthday

Today we got together with both sides of the family to celebrate Hailey's upcoming 3rd birthday.

There was a funny squirrel that snuck up on the table and got into our food only to be chased away by Lynda.

The park was windy, which made it feel colder than the 63 degrees it was.

Time for a quick nap.

The kids played on the rocks, chased the ducks, and had a great time with Steve's remote controlled helicopter.

The kids took turns launching it from on top of their heads.

Then it got stuck in a tree!

A few times the helicopter got tangled in hair.

Lunch was tortilla soup that we heated on the grill, turkey croissant sandwiches, apples, water, and cake.

Glad to see Nana.

A fantastic My Little Pony cake by Lynda.

Usually she only eats the frosting....this time she actually ate the cake.

Delicious rainbow slices.

It was too windy for candles so we just pretended.

More cake please!

Judy's job is to hold the baby. That is what she is good at.

The kids took turns trying to pull Kaylee around in a box.

Lots of new cute dresses!

It is fun for Hailey to get to play with her cousins.

And then it was too cold to stay any longer.