Monday, February 18, 2013

Farmers Market and More Trains at Wilson Park

I read that if kids help pick out fruits and vegetables they are more likely to try them. Hailey likes to feel involved. It is fun for her to pick a few things out and help pay for them.

She still had to be convinced we had to pay for the carrots before we could took bites out of them.

We found  lots of delicious treasures in the farmers' market that came home with us.

Last year we planted artichokes and didn't get any.... hopefully we will have better luck this year.

Found a cute little yorkie to hug.

Someone can't read the signs that says Don't Feed the Ducks Kettle Popcorn!

Happy as a clam.

She likes to hide behind tree and jump out, and then waits for someone to chase her.

Time to have some lunch.

Hailey didn't want to sit and have lunch with us; she had to be ticked into submission.

Evan just wanted to sit and eat crackers.

Since Hailey just wanted to run around we had to strap her down so the rest of us could eat.

Just tickled to death.

Found his dad's apple.

Evan loved being outside at the park.

Checking out the cool giant tree house.

One Saturday a month they give free train rides.

Our ride lasted about 30 minutes.

The naughty people on our train de-railed their train car and got kicked off and had to walk back.

Fun little cargo trains.

Time for a nap.

Then we played at the park.

We know we are almost home when we pass Randy's Donuts.

Steve's parents were so nice to take us out to dinner last night; we really liked the flatbread appetizer and decided to make some at home.