Thursday, February 28, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Hailey!

Evan says wake up Hailey!

Every year we go for a walk and get donuts for breakfast.

Picked one with the sprinkles, of course.

Evan got a little taste too.

Too bad you can't have more baby!

While Steve was taking pictures, Hailey stole his donut and licked all the icing off.

Time to make our way home and burn off all that sugar.

Then time for a morning swim....

and time in the sand.

Then it was off to her first private pony lesson.

Our trainer said most kids her age last about 20 minutes.

Hailey lasted a total of 45 minutes. She would have stayed on longer if we had let her, but it was scorching hot in the sun and I wanted her to be able to walk when we were done.
Even Evan took a ride around the ring.
Hailey didn't want to wear the helmet....

 but she came around.

And the best part: no crying when we left. We also fed the other horses and watched one of them get a bath.

Time for some more cake.

Guess who thinks she's going to cut the cake?  Really she just wanted a bigger utensil to lick the icing off.

Grandma Kelly got her a big puzzle of horses and princesses

and a pretty new dress.

This scarf will go great with two dresses on.

These Calico Critters lives just got better: they're moving out of the box and into the Chateau. 

It's not even 7 o'clock and Mama's already tired. 

Awesome singing Rapunzel card from Gillian.  Hailey wanted to dance around the room with it.