Saturday, February 25, 2012

Time for Birthday Cake!

Saturday night we got together with both sides of the family for dinner, cake and presents. Steve made a delicious Persian dinner and everyone had a great time.

Hailey was obsessed with the frosting on the fairy cake that Nana made her.

Before the cake had even been on the table 2 minutes Hailey had her little fingers in it.

She had to savor every bite!

Poor Hailey had to wait for everyone to eat dinner before she could have any cake.... so hard when you're little.

She blew out her candles before we even sang Happy Birthday.

After the table was deserted, and there was no one to stop her, she climbed up and wanted another taste of frosting.

And then Hailey recruited her cousin Brianna to try some more. What a fun night!