Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Little Things Hailey Likes

An occasional treat always brings smiles!
(sitting on a random strangers porch)

Since Hailey was so upset when we put up the paints we gave her a paintbrush and palette with shower gel to "paint" with in the bathtub. She is fascinated by trying to catch our bar of soap in the water. Usually the soap is so slippery she can't hold onto it for long. It is amazing that those two activities can keep her entertained for so long. When the bathwater starts to get cold and her little feet are super wrinkly I know it's time for her to get out.

For a long time Hailey insisted on licking all the butter off her toast before she would eat her toast. We just thought she was being funny. Recently the light bulb went off in her head and she figured out she doesn't need toast in order to have butter. I joke not when I say she is obsessed with finding the stick of butter in the fridge. She just loves to eat plain butter.

On more than one occasion she has found a tub of smart balance on the counters at my moms house and decided, though it wasn't real butter, it was still delicious all by itself. Recently I took the butter out of our fridge and hid it in the high cupboard with the glasses.... and then I forgot about it in until I found it the next morning. I am not interested in listening to her have a nervous breakdown every time she looks in the fridge for her beloved butter and discovers it's not there. It looks like we may have to ban butter from the fridge as the temptation to resist is just too great. Out of sight out of mind. I guess for now our butter will stay in the freezer.

What a glutton..... look at that smirk on her face.