Friday, September 20, 2019

Day 8: The Space Needle and Reindeer

Today we're visiting the reindeer.

But first: the chickens.

And a turkey.

Gobble gobble.

Since the Leavenworth Reindeer Farm first started with Christmas in mind, we got a picture with the Christmas sleigh.

Waiting by the fire for the tour to begin.

Getting to feed and pet the reindeer.  Look at this little one whose antlers haven't come in yet.

We learned that unlike other kinds of deer, female reindeer also have antlers.

This one with the thinner antlers is female.

Every single year their antlers fall completely off and regrow to their full size. Once done growing, the antlers shed the velvet as you can see here.

The velvet is rich with blood for the growing antlers so when they shed their furry coating you can see some bloody residue.

That's a good looking group right there.

Oh, something to climb on? James is all over that.

Say goodbye to the horsie on our way out.

And bye to the kitties.

And that's it for our stay in Leavenworth.  From here we head back to Seattle before heading home.

The Space Needle greeting us.

Chris Cornell of Soundgarden.

Going to catch the tram outside the Museum of Pop Culture.

We walked over to the Pike Place Market.

Look at the fishies!

There were some nice spots at Pike's Market like the flower market.

But in general we didn't really enjoy Pike's Market. We wanted to look around and have something to eat but what was there wasn't really interesting nor could we find a good place to grab a bite. I give it a 4/10.

Silly kids.

We did get some little doughnuts; that was good.

Visiting the gum wall. Look at how the ledge has gum "icicles."

The kids added their own wads of gum to the wall. So, the gum wall: Cool? Gross? You decide.

Back over toward the Space Needle we found this awesome playground.

This playground has some really cool views so I took a lot of pictures. Enjoy!

For dinner we ate at Din Tai Fung.

The kids, who aren't very adventurous eaters, enjoyed having dumplings and pork buns.

We had a fun time!