Sunday, September 15, 2019

Day 3: Mt Rainier

This morning we went to church in Eatonville.

Today was so overcast.

On our way to Mt. Rainier.

This tree was over 700 years old.

We're going to drive up a little ways into the Paradise side and hike one of the lower trails of Mt. Rainier.

We drove up to the Henry M Jackson Visitor Center and the kids were freezing.

So we took refuge inside Paradise Inn so they could defrost in front of the fire.

It was nice inside but eventually we had to venture out into the cold.

The cold won't slow this boy down!

Just a short hike to Myrtle Falls.

It may be cold but it's nice to get outside in the fresh air.

Mt. Rainier was obscured by clouds all day today.

Found a marmot.

Trekking though the fog.


Time to drive back down the mountain to our next hotel.