Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Day 5: Raining in Leavenworth

We are now in Leavenworth for a few days.

It's like visiting a little German town here on the west coast. Here's our hotel.

Off to explore.

The hotel across from us has this giant knight.

Meeting some goats along the way.

Found this stream on the far end of town.

It's nice to get the kids out, running around in the fresh air.

When they're cooped up on the electronics too much they get pretty grumpy. Look how happy they are to be outside!

Found this cool playground on the edge of the woods.

King of the mountain.

It started drizzling while we were out playing. Good thing we came prepared.

Time to continue our walk.

And then we found another playground.

Back to the hotel lobby to dry off and play some games.

The kids liked the first playground so much we went back out there.

It's getting late; let's walk back through town and have some dinner.

Mmm, delicious German food. We had spaetzle and a sausage platter.

The kids all shared a giant pretzel.