Monday, September 16, 2019

Day 4: Snoqualmie Falls and Walabies

Here's where we stopped in for breakfast this morning.

James has been carrying these little wooden figures around with him throughout our trip.

Occasional showers accompanied us as we visited Snoqualmie Falls.

We could hear it before we caught sight of waterfall.

It's massive.

As people we just love water: waterfalls, lakes, rivers, ocean, etc. We love the peaceful sound of water. And water means life.

Little James with Daddy.

On a hike down from the waterfall.

We found fallen logs here and there throughout our hike.

Crazy above ground roots.

Info about nurse logs put up along the trail. Old decaying trees give life to new saplings.

Nurse logs in action.

Have I mentioned how nice it is to get the kids out in nature?

Next stop: the Wallaby Ranch.

Rex has a bunch of wallabies he raised from babies.

He told us a bunch of facts about wallabies, like how they and kangaroos are separate species, distinguished by size. As in, if they're under 45 lbs they're wallabies; bigger than that, they're kangaroos.

Then we got to meet the wallabies and pet them!

Raising wallabies, Rex can get this close to them and show the baby wallaby growing inside the mother's pouch. In fact he has daily pictures and video of a developing embryo - something that even Australians didn't have but Rex has been able to document and share.

We find wallabies (and kangaroos) interesting, even cute, but in Australia they're considered pests.

Check out these white wallabies.

Snack time.

James was feeling shy.

Now this guys is a kangaroo.

Look at how buff he his. This guy was the body builder of the ranch.

Snuggling with the kangaroo.

From there we headed up to Leavenworth and had some pizza before turning in for the night.