Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Day 6: Tours Around Leavenworth

First stop: Smallwood's Harvest.

It's a little farm, pumpkin patch, grocery store.

Aw, look at the little grocery carts!

Outside the entrance the kids wanted to climb aboard the kiddie rides.

They were so excited we gave them some quarters to fire up the carousel.

Elsewhere on the grounds were all sorts of things to climb on.

Playing a game of tetherball.

Knocking down milk cartons.

Feeding the goats.

They were still looking for more when we used up the last of the feed.

Time for a game of giant checkers.

And James being James.

That was fun!  After Smallwood's we drove out to Cashmere Pioneer Museum.

Here we explored these old pioneer buildings (relocated here) and their collection of relics & artifacts.

Our little pioneer girl.

On the Liberty Orchards candy tour.

Watching the staff make delicious turkish delight!

Getting boxed up and ready to sell.

After the tour we tried a few different flavors. Delicious!

Back in Leavenworth we checked out the cool painted murals through town.