Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Lake Arrowhead Day 2

It felt so cold compared to home!

The kids really really wanted to play in the snow so we drove around until we found some.

However, it was raining which made the snow super slippery and icy.

Of course  I was trying to tell everyone to be careful so no one would slip and break any bones, but once we were out of the car no wanted my advice.

I was an easy snowball target because I am too slow to move quickly these days.

It's coming!

So close!

The kids lasted about 20 minutes and by then we were  all soaking wet and cold from the rain. Hailey couldn't stop sobbing that this was the worst thing that happened to her in her whole life. Her little hands felt so frozen.

We got our fill of winter for the whole year.

Tired out.

Off to the Spa: my masseuse never showed up so I had to go back later in the day. I did get a 25% discount off my massage for the mix up. I could have stayed there forever.

It rained all day long. We would take the kids down to the village to run them around until they were cold and crying. Then we would go back to the resort, take hots baths, watch a little tv, then head back in town and repeat the process.