Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Legos

In this house if you help put the kids to bed you can earn lego building time that you don't have to share with any other member of the family. 

Steve has been waiting all year to get his hands on this Doctor Who set.

I am loving this new cookbook Jen got me for Christmas. The main point this book makes is that our bodies can't digest processed foods and artificial ingredients... which causes all sorts of uncomfortable ailments. When you eat whole foods and grains your body works and feels much better.

We have tried a new recipe every night this week. Steve was skeptical of this zucchini lasagna, yet he said he was surprised by how good it was and he even ate all the leftovers. Steve is very upfront.... if I make something he doesn't like he is sure to tell me, which I find helpful.

Just finished putting together his Star Wars Shuttle.

He is a mini Steve in the making.