Monday, December 21, 2015

Lake Arrowhead Day 1

Steve had time off work, Hailey was out of school, and we had some points on our traveling credit card that we need to use before they expire. We decided it would be nice to get out of the city for a few days. So we headed off to Lake Arrowhead for a couple of days.

We took the long, slow route and this time we made it up the mountain with out getting carsick. The quick way is the sick way. Out first stop was to get some pizza for lunch and wander the village a little bit.

And even if you do this 100 times.... it's not enough to tire them out.

It was a nice, crisp winter day up in the mountains.

Peeking in on the candy shop.

It all looks so nice up here.

As you can see there was just a tiny bit of snow.

The kids liked the new fossil store in the village, especially the "pet" triceratops out front.

We traded in some points on our credit card and stayed at Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa.

Steve and I stayed here once before we had kids so I was excited to come back.

When we got to our room we were surprised to see a giant cookie, along with a plate of cheese, crackers and berries waiting for us.  The lovely note from Dad said "see you soon." We were going to see Steve's family in just a few days and loved that they sent us treats.

We had a nice room overlooking the lake.

Steve  talked to his Dad while I went down to the Spa to make a massage appointment for myself. When I got back I talked to Steve's dad who asked me if we wanted to go to dinner with them... Of Course! When I asked them where they were they told me they were down in the lobby. Hahaha so sneaky! They drove up to the Lake just for the afternoon. I love a good surprise.

No turning back now!

We had a great night! So glad that they came up!