Monday, March 23, 2015

Flat Stanley Goes to the Doctor's

Steve came home with a giant cupcake which the kids nibbled at for a few days. There must have been a terrible dye in it because it stained Evan's bum green for a few days. I threw the cupcake out to Steve's dismay.

A garden princess.

Hailey showing Flat Stanley how to build Legos.

See my motorcycle, Mom?

The castle is under seige.

Evan loves the catapult.

Hailey was building out of "gold".

Flat Stanley made it to the movies twice.

Flat Stanley had an accident where his foot got ripped of by little hands fighting over him.

Evan's been coughing so we took him to the doctor's to get checked out.

Flat Stanley had to wait his turn to get his foot fixed.

Someone forgot to tell Stanley this is a rough house. Toughen up Buddy.

We knocked him out for surgery.

Stanley looks better than when we got him.

Then we all went to the library.  They even have puppets to play with now.

Evan was busy building a zoo.

I mentioned to Steve that he and the kids should build a zoo.  We needed some more animals and the best deal Steve could find was from a seller over in France. And so we wait, impatiently for our little French animals to arrive.

In the meantime we have our shark tank.

And our horse corral.

Before we have to send Flat Stanley back to Sean's school, he went to work with Steve one day. He got to see how they make the dog talk on Disney's Dog with a Blog.

This is Steve's desk at work. His light casts shadows on the wall from his Doctor Who dalek toys.