Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Zoo Visit

We are so lucky... we are on Grandpa's Zoo membership so we came just for the morning.

Evan really wanted to pet this sheep... too bad the sheep didn't feel the same way. The sheep must have walked around this box eight times before he finally gave up running from Evan.

Evan the goat whisperer.

This goat is going to fall asleep he is so relaxed!

Honestly I am surpised Evan made it out with all his fingers attached.

We brought cousin Sean's Flat Stanley to the zoo with us!

Hailey woke up screaming in the middle of the night. She was convinced that gophers were stealing all the food out of our fridge.

The truth is the only reason my kids love the zoo is because my dad always buys kettle corn when we get here. "We want popcorn...... please please can we go to the zoo?" And Hailey almost had a nervous breakdown when we learned the popcorn maker wasn't there today. Guess we will just have to come back another day.