Thursday, March 12, 2015

Evan's First Star Wars Legos

Steve wanted to take all his Star Wars Legos back to work so he got Evan his own set to play with at home. Evan has cracked a few of Steve's pieces and we want those sets to remain intact so back to work they went. Hailey put Evan's set together while he was asleep this morning.

Of course he wanted to play Star Wars all day today.

And his Lego guys stayed close by while he ate.

Detoxonista's freezer peanut butter fudge. It's pretty healthy so I let them eat what they want.  Recipe here.

What a nice day to have a tea party outside on our new picnic table.

Such delicious water tea!

Hailey is busy at work rearranging fairy stuff around in the flower box.

Bad guy tea.

"No more pictures Mom!"

We  tried to thin out our peach tree.... the kids picked up all the peaches and then Evan dumped them all out on the lawn. 

It may be cold elsewhere in the country; here in Southern California today's been pretty hot.

Looks like we have a ghost on the move.

The sun tires them out. And they tire me out.

Daddy's home!  Time for bed.