Monday, March 16, 2015

A Morning Outside

Evan refused to wear a diaper, saying he's a big boy and wants to wear underpants. He did really well using the potty today but I'm still skeptical... we've been down this road before.

Lots of Singing.

Empowered by his Batman underpants, Evan leaps about.

Evan's songs interrupted Hailey's song.

Not amused.

Get Set! Jump!

And this goes on and on.

Hailey made a leprechaun trap. There is a red & yellow rainbow inside the jar with a little pot of gold..

Little Miss Lego is the bait.

Cinderella was supposed to be the bait, but she had to wash her hair.

On a walk after dinner.

This cat is friendly.

This one was much more wary.

The kids love to look for cats.

Careful with that boy!

Time to head home.

Someone has been busy at the fairy door!

All ready for the kids to find the goodies in the morning.