Friday, January 31, 2014

Picking all my mom's flowers.

To Evan's delight sometimes Steve will build him a track before he leaves early in the morning for work.

The kids found this worm; and if you look closely it looks like part of it is split in two.

My flowers keep mysteriously disappearing in the front yard. . . . . 

I wonder who is picking all those flowers.

I told Hailey I had a dream where some fairies asked me if they could come live at our house. She has been really excited and looking for them everyday. Rumor has it they are coming pretty soon.

We might have to leave some treats out to see if we can entice the fairies to come a little sooner.

She can demolish an entire case of strawberries from Costco by  herself in 2 days. Of course that is what she wanted to eat for breakfast before Church.

Yum, what a delicious banana kale smoothies!

When Evan naps in the morning we sit outside on the steps and do some reading. She has been quite obsessed with King Herod in the illustrated Children's New Testament. Out all all the stories we have read I don't know why she always remembers Herod, maybe because he was so wicked.