Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas with the McClellan Family.

This year was special  as all of Steve's siblings came home for Christrmas...a rare thing with Jennifer traveling from England.

Monday was a great fantastic day. The menfolk took the kids for the day while Steve's parents treated the women to a day at the Spa. That was the most relaxed I have been in a long long time.  Massages, pedicures, facials, jacuzzies, got to have our bodies painted, roamed around in nothing but a robe, and drank delicious flavored water. I think I started drooling on the floor when the masseuse was working her magic.

The guys took the kids to a park then headed to magic mountain to catch a few rides.

Hanging out with Uncle Rob.

Out at dinner.  I don't buy soda very often which is why the carbonation surprised Evan.

We went out for pizza.

We went out to see Christmas lights after dinner. Can you believe someone had this huge gingerbread house in their front yard?
The outdoor tree and Nana's and Papa's

Papa makes a good horse!

Cousin Kaylee is getting the boot from Evan.

Going to hide in the drawer at the hotel.

Steve's family plays a special game on Christmas day. Steve's parents hide all the Christmas presents and if you want them you have to go find them. If you aren't smart enough to get the clues you are our of luck. This is not a twenty minute game; it could last the whole day. This year the game was themed " The British are coming", as Steve's sister Jennifer and her husband made it out from England.

The kids found a few stashes of present  for them during the first few clues.

The rest of us got more clues.

Papa always gets the last laugh watching us try to figure out the clues.

One clue was hidden in the ice.

We are taking a break.

More toys for the kids.

Since Hailey heard everyone call Nana  "NanaClause" once she got home she decided  Nana is Santa Clause.  She determined that every single gift she got for Christmas came from " NanaClause".

Papa made Hailey a bed for her American Girl Doll.

Papa made Evan this awesome  push cart. It weighs a ton and will take off you toes if he runs over them.

Still working on the clues pretty close to lunch time. We had to drive out to where Papa's boat was stored, only to discover we must have solved the clue wrong because the password to get in the gate didn't work. We thought surely we would find  a  stash of presents in the boat , instead we got another set of GPS coordinates.

The coordinates took us to Magic Mountain right to Papa's office...where Papa was hiding with all the gifts.  So clever!

Finally we made it back and everyone got to unwrap all their gifts. We had a great time visiting with everyone!

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