Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ice Kingdom at Queen Mary. Long Beach

We went to see the Ice Kingdom down in Long Beach. 

We wanted to go while the kids were free. Granted there were quite a few things/rides they were excluded from for being under the age of 5.

The giant jump house.

Checking out ridiculously priced Christmas decorations.

All the decorations were carved out of  ice. This year the theme was the  Nutcracker.

Hailey got caught touching the ice and was scolded by a worker, but Mom didn't get caught!

They gave us these long blue Parkas to wear inside, probably because no one in SoCal actually owns a real winter coat. The coats were way to big for the kids, so we didn't make them wear them.

She was so cold she couldn't move.

Afterwards we got to go wander around the actual Queen Mary Ship. 

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